Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hello World!!!!

I joined SCBWI last week-I have been weighing what I love the best and it is illustrating-and since I got a taste of it when the book I illustrated came out last Feb, I have wanted more and more, I sent out postcards, made a website, started toying with ideas and then. ... I stopped. I  starting running around doing all sorts of other things, let my beloved gouache dry up, starting taking all sorts of different roads...until suddenly I found myself reading Harold and the Purple Crayon, and realizing how all my life this is exactly what I loved the best.  That I didn't feel any differently about picture books and drawing now than I did when I made my first studio at age 6.  (It was delightful, in a corner in the basement with my own lamp on a two tiered old 60's coffee table, I was in heaven.)
  I sat in the Kerlan Collection a few months back(if you haven't gone, go, I saw the ORIGINAL GoodNight Moon drawings)  with an original Rackham in my gloved hands, almost fainting with was like being in a candy store, or that movie Moscow on the Hudson when the Russian man fainted over all the choices of coffee...........
and so I have decided to just do it. Just do what I know I am good at.  Just do what brings me joy...and maybe...someday I can bring that joy back to someone else sitting in a bookstore, turning that first page, diving headfirst into the story

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